You like this

THIS is what you like, it has been confirmed.

John Terry's Chelsea farewell 'a bit over the top', says North Korea

JOHN Terry's Chelsea farewell was a bit too much pomp and ceremony, according to North Korea.

Trump converts to Islam

DONALD Trump has confirmed that he is a now a Muslim.

Corbyn victory impossible because elections 100 per cent predictable these days

JEREMY Corbyn cannot win the election because polls are always totally accurate, it has been confirmed.

Man convinced politics is bullshit despite knowing sod all about it

A MAN believes all politics is bullshit but cannot give a sensible explanation of his views, it has emerged.

Woman's day ruined after discovering old school friend is successful

A WOMAN has ruined her day by Googling an old school friend and discovering she has become a surgeon.

Everyone on crowded train delighted by precocious child

THE delightful antics of a wonderful, talented child have pleased everyone on a crowded train.

Britain giving an absolutely massive f**k about Pippa Middleton's wedding

EVERYONE has agreed that it is impossible not to be utterly obsessed by the wedding of Pippa Middleton, no matter how hard they try.

Theresa May's campaign schedule for today

AN exclusive look at Theresa May's campaign schedule for today, and every other day.