Comolli resigns after winning Nigerian lottery


DAMIEN Comolli has resigned from his post of chief moneyburner at Liverpool FC after winning $40 million via email.

He can hardly believe his luck

To prove his former occupation he has provided the Nigerian prince running the lottery with Liverpool’s bank details and has posted the deeds to his house as proof of address.

Football’s biggest spendthrift will set up a company with the proceeds, investing in new business opportunities such as harvesting icebergs for bottled water and research into magic beans.

Comolli said: “The board very generously offered to exchange my tiny payoff cheque for this big bag of shiny copper coins so I’m all set to go.

“I want to thank everyone at Liverpool for the opportunity to make so many people happy, especially managers of other clubs I used to visit with a cheque book in one hand and a drawing of a footballer in the other.”

During his time at Liverpool Comolli oversaw some of the biggest transfers in the club’s history, including the £35M paid to Newcastle for Andy Carroll despite the club’s insistence that they only wanted £1M for him.

He was known as an innovator at the club, with his ‘Bring & Buy’ scheme – where other clubs would bring the players they didn’t want to the car park at Anfield and Comolli would buy them – being responsible for Jordan Henderson.

Comolli said: “Leaving all this behind does bring a tear to my eye, although that could be the £300 aftershave I bought on the way to work off a chap selling stuff out of a suitcase.”



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