Which dreadful personality type are you?

Are you obsessed with knowing what your personality type is and then telling people about it? You probably come under the category of ‘self-absorbed arse’. But what are the five other main personality types?

Do you have a chip on your shoulder the size of Leeds? Do you feel superior to everyone else because you were born quite near Leeds? You have a deeply entrenched ‘Northern’ personality that will only get worse as you age. Thanks for that.

Do you have unwarranted self-confidence? A passion for animals, apart from the ones you kill? Do you call your evening meal ‘supper’, even though that actually means cheese on toast at around 9pm? You also wear a pink shirt with the collar turned up, don’t you? Everyone, including you, wants you to pack it in.

Incredibly dull
Did you know that 92.6% of the population have a mind-numbingly dull personality type? If you found that interesting, then you’re one of them. Also, you’re really into Peaky Blinders.

Can’t-quite-put-your-finger-on-it weird
You are subtly odd, but other people aren’t quite sure why. Are you just a harmless introvert with a secret collection of lizards? Or are you a serial pervert? Nobody wants to find out – except, perhaps, the police.

A fucker
Do you let your kids act like little bastards in public places? Do you constantly quote Monty Python and the Holy Grail? Do you own an Audi TT? Do you have conversations about supermarkets? You are a fucker.