Affleck insists it’s okay for him to make-up stuff about Muslims

BEN Affleck has revealed it is okay to invent behaviour by Muslims as long as it is part of a serious film.

The actor and director said he made-up the scene at the end of Argo, featuring  the horrible Iranian airport guards, because it was more exciting.

He added: “The Americans actually went throughout passport control without any bother. But then I wouldn’t have been able to do those tense close-ups on the evil face of the really scary guard.

“So, I hope you don’t think that all Iranian airport guards are like that, especially if you’ve had enough spare time to research the true story of Argo.”

He added: “And let’s remember that Argo was a piece of cinema and starred people like me and Bryan Cranston. If it had been made by the Farrelly Brothers I would have been as appalled as anyone with these pathetic stereotypes.”