BBC tells D:Ream keyboard player to shove it

PRODUCERS of Professor Brian Cox’s Blimey! Planets, Eh? have told him to keep his opinions on music to himself.

Didn't the BBC make exactly the same programme with Sam Neill about 10 years ago?

The pop-science, grinning haircut had complained that the last episode had insufficient amounts of early 90s house-indie positivity alongside the visuals.

The original edit, which featured Groovejet during the section on supernova explosions and Jack Your Body as Cox explained how the elements in humans were created, was radically altered before broadcast after producers realised it looked and sounded shit.

Cox said: “All that film of me looking dead pensive on a mountain and stars proper blowing up and stuff – it needs a bit of Whigfield behind it.”

But producer Roy Hobbs stressed: “When I worked on The World At War Laurence Olivier asked me to whack up the Wagner during the Auschwitz section.

“If I can tell the greatest actor of all time to fuck off then D:Ream Casio Boy can lick my balls.”

He added: “We’re presenting the history of the universe here so when he’s doing his piece on how everything that ever existed will eventually grind to a lifeless halt in a cold, dead cosmos, I think the last thing we need is someone screeching ‘Acieeeed’ in the background.”

The series will be released as a DVD box set later this year with his earlier documentary Stars & That, Yeah? Right in both their original formats and, at the Cox’s insistence, a version remixed by Frankie Knuckles.