Crime drama just f**king you about now

A TV crime drama that started off promisingly is now just f**king with viewers for kicks, it has emerged. 

Eight-part thriller Deadhaven is increasingly annoying viewers by throwing in dozens of red herrings and implying every character could possibly be a knife-wielding maniac.

Tom Logan of Maidenhead said: “Oh for God’s sake. The vicar is not the killer. Stop trying to make me think he is.

“There are a good six possible, and plausible, possibilities. There don’t need to be ten, or 14, or 50.

“I’m getting sick of thinking people are cold-blooded murderers when they’re innocent. It’s like discovering Hannibal Lecter’s actually banged up for dole fraud.”

Teacher Emma Bradford said: “Anyone could be the killer. I even suspect the voiceover guy for Oak Furniture Land in the ad break.

“It’s definitely got me emotionally involved because if there’s a really shit twist at the end I’m going to smash the telly.”