Man who remembers Thundercats actually had a terrible childhood

A MAN who remembers something from the 90s did not therefore have a great time of it as a boy.

Contrary to the rules laid down by tedious internet memes, 34 year-old Martin Bishop’s childhood consisted of his parents getting divorced when he was six and being used as a pawn between the pair of them.

He said: “Thundercats didn’t really stop my dad from leaving or my mum from bringing home a string of blokes who all bore an entirely coincidental resemblance to my dad.”

“Lion-o shouting ‘Thundercats, hooooooo’ is a painful reminder of how the other kids at school used to refer to my mother.”

“Although I did enjoy Thundercats, and in fact asked my dad for a Sword of Omens toy for my eighth birthday.

“That was the year he completely forgot to get me a present.”