Nan seduced by fake camaraderie of Strictly

AN 84-YEAR-OLD grandmother thinks everyone on Strictly Come Dancing actually likes each other.

Nan Mary Fisher is somehow unable to see through the cloying fakeness that permeates the BBC dancing programme, despite family members pointing out the numerous fixed grins and death stares.

Fisher said: “That Tess seems nice, and I bet her and Claudia are best friends in real life.

“The judges all seem happy and easygoing. There’s no way any of them would be insecure or demanding.

“That pretty young dancer girl was genuinely excited when she got Ed Balls. Perhaps she thought he was a good shadow chancellor.”

Fisher’s daughter Carol said: “Strictly creeps me out, it’s like the worst sort of joyless fake fun.

“Nan loves it though, which is weird because there are several foreigners in it.”