Question Time host realises that in 25 years he’s achieved bugger all

DAVID Dimbleby has looked back at his 25 years in the Question Time chair and realised it was a complete waste of time.

The broadcaster originally thought he was bringing Britain together for stimulating political debate, but now admits he could have hosted a live weekly chimps’ tea party for all the good it has done.

He said: “You have these lofty aims. Then you meet the politicians. Then you meet the public.  

“I’ve spent a quarter of a century directing cross-eyed taxi drivers’ incoherent questions about bringing back hanging to cringing Lib Dems, when I could have got pissed on Thursday night like everyone else.

“Nobody watches it. The twats who do are just looking for clips reinforcing their views they can circulate on Twitter. I doubt I’ve changed a single mind, although I may have made some people more rabidly right-wing.

“I started this when the Tories were hopelessly split on Europe, Labour incapable of winning elections, and Britain was up shit creek. Plus ca bastard change.

“Good luck to Fiona Bruce. At least she’s got experience of telling deluded grey-hairs that what they’ve got is worth absolutely nothing.”