Rowling's new Harry Potter film about wizard who invented money

JK Rowling is to write the screenplay a for a new Harry Potter-style adventure about Grynt Cashfarm, the wizard who created money.

Set 70 years before the Harry Potter stories, Fantastic Piles of Money and Where to Find Them, will be a dazzling, CGI-laden spectacular about one wizard’s limitless appetite for wealth.

A spokesman said: “Grynt Cashfarm is just an everyday wizard who spells keep getting rejected.

“But one day he takes some good bits from lots of old spells and combines them into a new spell which generates a limitless supply of gold coins.

“In the second, third and fourth movies we’ll discover how Cashfarm learns to continually adapt his original spell until it is the only spell that anyone has ever heard of.”

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Dogs win Worst Pet for 14th year in row

THE Bad Pet Awards have once again named dogs as the single worst thing anyone could possibly have.

Hailed as ‘head and shoulders’ above the rest for their demanding care schedule, uniquely pungent faeces, never-ending demands for attention and longevity, dogs once again beat cats into a distant second place.

Bad Pet Monthly editor Denys Finch-Hatton said: “From the first walk at 6.30am, picking up their warm turds with your own human hands, to the last, dung-filled yomp at 11.30pm, owning a dog is the most unrewarding experience anyone can have.

“You’ve got all the responsibility of a child without even the distant hope that they’ll leave home. And best of all they’re proven killers.

“Sure, snakes can be dangerous but they sleep most of the time. If you want to shout ‘it means you’re part of his pack’, while a red-eyed beast strips the flesh from a stranger’s ankle, then you need a dog.”

Emma Bradford, from Hatfield, said: “It’s the way my border terrier barks wildly at every passing car, keeping up a barrage of yips for 12 straight hours, that makes her an absolute fucking nightmare for me and everyone else on the street.”

Nathan Muir, from Bristol, said: “Cats are still passive-aggressive dicks, but not only did my Welsh collie eat my limited edition Nike Air Max, but it cost me £1,200 in vet bills to have the remains removed from his stomach. I’d like to see a cat beat that.”

The award was accepted by Ludo, a six-year-old springer spaniel who ran on stage, jumped up at the judges and urinated on the podium before running into the road and causing an eight car pile-up.