Saturday, 8th May 2021

Taylor Swift writing song called 'Hull Lady'

POP superstar Taylor Swift is working on a new song about what a lady from Hull might get up to on a Saturday.

The song details an evening in the company of the eponymous woman as they explore the East Yorkshire city together.

Using the same melody as 'London Boy', Swift describes getting a ‘croggie’ – a ride on the handlebars of a pushbike - to the shops before buying 18 cans of cider.

The pair pass a statue commemorating the time John Prescott hit a seagull with his car, before things turn sour in a local pub.

The song continues with the line ‘Then I watch a fight (that she’s in)’ before the chorus opens with ‘I’m intrigued and frightened by a girl from Hull’.

Asked about her creative process, Swift said: “I used the same melody but changed a few of the words around to make sense. For example, instead of ‘Don’t threaten me with a good time’ I changed it to ‘Don’t threaten me with a broken bottle’.”

Swift is remaining tight-lipped about who the song is referring to, insisting she was not scared but just does not feel like saying right now.