Sunday, 9th May 2021

Woman no longer watching This Morning ironically

A WOMAN has realised that she is no longer watching This Morning for a laugh and is genuinely just watching it. 

Emma Bradford admitted she now gets up religiously to tune in, has caught herself smiling through the opening credits, and hums the theme while pottering about the house.

Bradford said: “Normally I would relentlessly ridicule anyone who watches This Morning for any reason other than to get screenshots to put on Twitter. 

“I thought it was just for the freaks of society, who have literally nothing better to do than watch two fairly bland presenters talk to Z-list celebrities and ‘experts’ on everything from relationships to Tupperware boxes. 

“But now I actually look forward to it every morning. I’ve even laughed along with something Phil or Holly says, rather than laughing at them. It’s like I’ve had a head injury with weird effects.

“Maybe lockdown has given me a newfound appreciation for the constants in my life, while everything else has been thrown into a whirlwind of disarray.

“Either that or I’ve just gone really thick.”