Boss taking credit for team’s work only contributed management bullshit

A BOSS has taken all the credit for his team’s work despite mostly just distracting them with management toss.

Manager Stephen Malley’s main input to a new marketing initiative was pointlessly insisting on being copied into every email and using tired buzz-phrases like “Can you action that?”.

Junior colleague Nikki Hollis said: “Stephen mainly just distracted people from what they were already doing, said ‘that’s great’ and wandered off to eat pastries in his office.

“He insisted I copy him into every email about the project. Then he didn’t respond to any of them, although he did come over and say something confusing about ‘SWOT analysis’.”

Malley said: “The team are great but without my overarching helicopter vision they’d be reactive not proactive and fail to identify synergies. That’s a complicated thing only us managers understand.  

“I would buy them a pint but that might give them the impression they actually contributed something.”