Can you put all this in an email for me? asks manager who doesn’t know what else to say

A MANAGER has asked one of her team to ‘put all this in an email’ because she could not think of anything else to say.

Line manager Mary Fisher had been listening to team member Tom Booker explain his ideas for new ways their company could market itself.

Fisher said: “He was talking about social media, which I’ll be honest, I haven’t got a clue about. So, I just said what I always say when I’m confronted by confusion – can you put all this in an email for me?

“It sounds better than saying ‘I haven’t got the slightest fucking idea what you’re on about’.”

Booker then sighed and said: “Fine.”

He since wrote the detailed email, which is now in Fisher’s inbox where it will stay forever unread, like Shane Ritchie’s autobiography.