Cash machine expects pat on the back for not charging you

A CITY centre cash machine is expecting gratitude and thanks for not charging users £1.50 a time to take out their own money. 

The Leeds ATM believes that bearing the legend ‘Free Cash Withdrawals’ puts it on much the same level as Florence Nightingale, or perhaps Nelson Mandala.

It said: “I just give and give. That’s all I can do.

“I’m not like those mercenary, capitalist cash machines in the late-night shops that demand a cut of the deal. I guess I was just made with a bigger heart.”

Picture framer Thomas Logan said: “I’m allowed to get my own cash, totally free? Wow. There is still some decency in the world.

“I just wish I could leave a tip, as thanks. Just to give it a little something for itself for all the hard work it does allowing me access to my own frigging money.”