Employer obeys employment law

BURGER restaurant Byron has been accused of acting in full accordance with UK immigration law. 

The chain has angered customers by co-operating with immigration services, betraying employees who had lied about their identities, just to avoid potentially unlimited fines.

Eleanor Shaw, who has vowed never to eat in a Byron again, said: “What other laws do they obey? All of them?

“They should have hidden all the employees who weren’t legally allowed to work in an attic behind a secret door until all this immigration business blows over.

“Instead they sold out, choosing their future as a viable business over dozens of staff who weren’t legally able to work.

“If the whole chain had been shut down in a nationwide immigration investigation, with prison sentences and the loss of 1,500 jobs, I for one would have been proud.”

Shaw added: “I shall be going to a rival chain this weekend, and I shall ask for my burger to be cooked by an undocumented worker on less than the minimum wage. In solidarity.”