Baby named after Pokemon sure to have a great life

A BABY girl named Eevee after a Pokemon Go character will do incredibly well in life, scientists believe.

Parents Leanne and Wayne Hayes, who chose to call their first child after a rabbit-eared fennec in a game they have been playing for two weeks, have actually given their daughter a significant advantage over her peers.

Professor Henry Brubaker, of the Institute for Studies, said: “Whether your child is called Khaleesi, Bella Swan or Whaazaaaaap!?, studies show that children named after fads achieve grades far higher than average.

“The many 11-year-olds called Crazy Frog are outperforming all their contemporaries on SATs, Cambridge University is expecting a record influx of Cartmans, Furbys and Mmm-Bops this year, and 22-year-old biotechnologist MTV Unplugged Unwin is revolutionising the field.

“The Pidgeys and Squirtles of today will lead nations, solve the climate crisis, and set foot on Mars for the first time. Salute them.”

Proud mother Leanne Hayes said: “Eevee’s a lovely name, that’s all.

“Though we’re calling her by her nickname, Sparky, so she’ll evolve into a Jolteon.”