Every building in London to be a Pret A Manger by 2020

PRET A Manger has announced plans to open its ten millionth London branch by the end of the decade.

Pret currently owns around half of all buildings in the capital, with the rest of them split between Costa, Chicken Cottage, and Foxtons.

A Pret spokesman said: “Some Londoners are living more than four minutes from a Pret, which is shocking and unacceptable. Nobody should have to rely on food they make themselves with their greasy, untrained fingers.

“By 2020, every Pret will be serving hot drinks and snacks to people on their break from working in a different Pret.”

The plans include a rollout of spinoff stores, including Pret a Nursery where children will be entertained with facts about sandwiches.

Donna Sheridan, from Finsbury Park, said: “I want a bit of variety in my cafes, which is why I sometimes go to the Pret next to my office and sometimes to the Pret across the street from my office. When I’m feeling lazy I go to the Pret directly beneath my office.

“I don’t actually like Pret, but the only alternative is to go to a Chicken Cottage or Foxtons and they don’t sell crisps in Foxtons.”