Sainsbury’s had no idea social media storm would create publicity for its new meal deal

SAINSBURY’S has confirmed it had no idea that changing its meal deal ever-so-slightly would create a shitload of free publicity on social media.

The retailer’s new ‘On The Go’ meal deal will include slightly different sandwiches, sparking outrage among bovine idiots who will tweet about anything.

A Sainsbury’s spokesman said: We hadn’t even heard of social media before this.

“We certainly didn’t think people who had nothing better to do than dick about on so-called Twitter would start moaning and generating free publicity for us.

Next time we do something like this we might have to take it into account that this kind of thing could happen.”

Sandwich deal expert Julian Cook tweeted: “On the Go? More like On the No! #bringbackwhateveritishteyretakingaway”

The spokesman added: “We just hope people stop talking about it on social media, then we can all just move on.”

Or rather get ‘on the go’, which happens to be the name of our new sandwich deal.”