Dog apology video ‘is best Johnny Depp film in a decade’

JOHNNY Depp’s string of poor career choices has ended with a captivating short film about why it is wrong to smuggle dogs into Australia.

The formerly cool actor whose recent output includes The Lone Ranger, Transcendence and Pirates of The Caribbean IV: The Quest for Yet More Money, has been widely praised for his sincere warning about putting undeclared pets on private jets.

Critic Emma Bradford said: “It’s great to see Johnny back at his best, being weird in a low-budget indie film.

“His strange, puffy not-quite-Johnny-Depp face and uncannily lustrous hair are a compelling double act. It’s powerful stuff that has certainly made me think twice about smuggling any creatures into Australia.”

Dog Apology Video is now set to become a franchise, with Dog Apology Video 2: Don’t Bring Cats or Hamsters Either already in production.