Ex-pope still hanging around Vatican annoying everyone

EX-POPE Benedict is seriously getting under people’s feet at the Vatican, say cardinals.

The 86-year-old first reappeared shortly after his resignation claiming he’d left some old copies of Mojo somewhere in the basilica.

Cardinal Roy Hobbs said: “I came to work one morning and he was in St Peter’s Square, claiming he was walking his dog.

“When I enquired where his dog was he just laughed awkwardly and asked whether I needed anything blessing.

“He was wearing papal robes made from a bed sheet and his mitre was a corn flakes box he’d painted gold and written ‘pope’ on.”

Staff have set up a desk with some discarded papal bulls near the Sistine Chapel to keep him occupied. But Benedict continues to interrupt guided tours, telling visitors the Vatican nowadays is basically a homosexual disco club.

Hobbs added: “He seems a bit down which is pretty weird when you consider he’s a rather old man who believes that death is a permanent vacation to the best place ever.

“Really he needs a hobby, either jigsaws or maybe another religion.”


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Chris Huhne's top movies for a prison night in

My cellmate, Rio, and I were distraught to learn that prisons are planning a ban on blue movies and classic beat ’em ups.

But was this really the end of the world? I decided to set up a think tank whose aim was to find all the hidden gems in the prison DVD library. Rio wanted to be the minute taker, I approved that and democracy was in action!

Inevitably though, we met opposition. Dennis from D Block claimed the process was vulnerable to anomalies, demanding the creation of a bipartisan regulatory body with representatives from the white-collar and violent crime departments. But Rio stupidly penned in the ballot to clash with Embarrassing Bodies, resulting in high absenteeism, inconclusive results and a fatal blow for the electoral process. So as yet, we haven’t managed to create a definitive top ten. But, off the record, Rio and I took to the library for a rummage.

Initially it was pretty depressing: Star Wars? Shit. Shawshank? Bollocks. Gladiator? Jesus Christ. This is everything wrong with the modern British penal system.

But here’s one the careless guards omitted: Big. This movie is basically a feel good classic, but with some genuinely terrifying scenes featuring Zoltar the creepy fairground fortune-telling robot. Certainly it’s enough to give Rio and I a thrilling dose of the willies on Friday night before lights out. Also, it carries a positive message for the rehabilitating felon: even if he looks like Tom Hanks, he still might only be eleven years old, so vet all partners thoroughly.

Next, Top Gun. There is no better movie for a lads night in. This movie has everything from a great musical score to some tense sporting moments. “I feel the need, the need for speed,” quips Tom. I used to spend hours every day zipping up and down dual carriageways in my BMW, Kenny Loggins blasting out the sunroof. I’d close my eyes and I was in my Mig 28, with bogeys on my tail. But that was on the outside. And things were different then.

Then, Working Girl! Melanie Griffith shows us you can bounce back even when your career has been destroyed by some freakishly tall fucking alien bitch. I mean how dare she? She thought she was being clever, well who’s clever now, Sigourney? Look at you – you’ve got no job and everyone thinks you’re an arsehole. Melanie is recognised for the brilliant business mind and strategist she really is. Then, everyone apologises to her, she gets a massive office, and hopefully a Lamborghini.