Tuesday, 11th May 2021

Exhausted Danny Dyer gives whole Cockney thing a rest

EASTENDERS star Danny Dyer has let his guard down and dropped the whole Cockney pretence at a dinner party with friends.

Dyer, who admits he is exhausted after keeping it up for years, surprised guests by dropping into flawless Queen’s English, enunciating his vowels and consonants perfectly and using not a single word of slang.

Close friend Denys Finch Hatton said: “I have every sympathy. He never expected he’d be trapped in his role for that long.

“It was only meant to be temporary, but then he kept getting cast in films and they’d be disappointed when he turned up on set with his top hat and his silver cane so he became accustomed to staying in character.

“Then there was the whole ‘deadliest men’ period, and then this ‘soap opera’ as I believe the unwashed call them, and as it’s all turned out he hasn’t had a break from being a Cockney in close to a decade. The poor lamb.”

Dyer said: “It’s been non-stop. Occasionally I deserve a night off from conversing like a 19th-century boot-blacking urchin.

“What the layman fails to realise is that Cockney is one of the most difficult dialects for a non-speaker to master. Much harder than Mandarin.”