Hawking admits quantum gambling habit

STEPHEN Hawking has made millions by using quantum theory in gambling, he has revealed.

"Who won the X Factor depends on how you see the universe"

“Who won the X Factor depends on how you see the universe”

The physicist funds his deep thinking-time by using the multiple-universe theory to prove his horse or greyhound has come in first.

Hawking said: “It can be difficult to explain to the cashier at Wimbledon dog track that Mystic Nights in the 7:20 race both did and didn’t place by a nose.

“I once got turfed out of White City for failing to convince them the betting slip I’d tampered with wasn’t just in a process of flux between two states.”

Hawking began doing physics-based gambling as a student,when he would bet people he could make three pints of Guinness disappear into an alternate reality in under a minute.

He was banned from Las Vegas for quantum card counting, a method that proves that all possible cards have been dealt simultaneously meaning he has blackjack and the dealer has a bust hand of infinity.

Hawking’s latest betting project employs string theory to show that all football teams are connected on a sub-atomic level, meaning the 1000-1 bet he has placed on Manchester United winning the league this year will be valid.

He said: “If anyone read more than 20 pages of A Brief History Of Time they’d discover it is mainly about how to make big money at casinos.”