Vague feeling of emptiness over death of utter lunatic

PEOPLE have been left feeling vaguely unsatisfied following the death of a stark raving madman.

As Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps died, many agreed they would have been much happier about the news if he had been even remotely sane.

Psychiatrist Dr Julian Cook said: “Phelps desired and was given world-wide media attention for trying to provoke bereaved families. Well done everyone.

“The manifestation of his psychosis was given a hefty nudge by his religion, but he could just as easily have wound up picketing duck ponds with angry placards about Sesame Street. But that may not have been interesting to Louis Theroux.

“In the strictest sense, he was an anti-gay campaigner, but in a much more meaningful sense, he was just a psycho.

“You should never have heard of him.”