Ireland accused of blasphemy for questioning Stephen Fry

STEPHEN Fry’s omniscience has been controversially called into question by Ireland.

Fry, who is worshipped by millions worldwide, was described by Irish authorities as ‘capricious and haughty’.

A police spokesman said: “While Mr Fry may appear all-knowing to devoted BBC4 fans, he would be nothing without an army of producers feeding him weird facts about trigonometry and crisps.”

But Fry’s supporters have hit back, accusing Ireland of violating the fundamental law that Fry must be agreed with at all times.

Tom Booker, from Lambeth, said: “Stephen Fry is Oscar Wilde reincarnate and my faith in him is unshakable and pure.

“We are truly blessed to share his planet and anyone who disagrees should be thrown into a volcano.”