Man launches dream career of showing people his arse

A 48-YEAR-OLD man is confident he can emulate the success of Kim Kardashian by showing people his buttocks, he has revealed.

Norman Steele has quit his job as an HGV driver after realising his sizeable backside could become a lucrative talking point in the international media.

He said: “If we’re talking size I’ve got her beaten easily, so I’d be a fool not to chuck in my job and start a new career based on exposing my arse.

“Whenever I go out now I wear a tiny thong instead of trousers, and judging by the numbers staring and taking pictures I’m creating quite a social media buzz.

“Now that my arse is my living I’ve really started taking care of it with regular moisturising and waxing, which is obviously the precursor to launching my own bumcare range. And fragrance.”

Mail Online reporter Eleanor Shaw said: “Fuck it, we’ll put him on the sidebar. Why not?”