Men outraged at sexy woman giving away free naked pictures

MEN have expressed disgust at a sexy woman giving away nude photos of herself for nothing. 

Joining the chorus of revulsion at Kim Kardashian’s latest nude selfies, men have condemned the shallow cynicism of an attractive woman who freely distributes pictures of her large breasts. 

Nathan Muir of Durham said: “If only we could turn back the clock to a time when nude photographs of a hot celebrity were not available to anyone for free, in their pocket, at any time. 

“It’s so terrible, living now. I don’t know how we bear it.”

46-year-old plumber Bill McKay said: “It’s a sad indictment of this shallow modern age, tainted as it is by an unquenchable thirst for celebrity at its most superficial level, that you cannot escape big, bouncy breasts.

“I’ve been thinking about how we can stop it but I’ve got nothing.”