Richard Littlejohn in S & M relationship with binmen

DAILY Mail columnist Richard Littlejohn is in a sadomasochistic master-slave relationship with his binmen, he has admitted.

The journalist described the work of rubbish collection operatives as ‘a perversion of public service’ and ‘so freaking hot’.

Binman Bill McKay say: “As soon as we turn the corner to his street we see him, lashed to the bin in that gimp suit he’s made out of black plastic bags and insulation tape.

“He’s breathless waiting for us to see what he’s done wrong – bin lids not closed, glass in the plastics container, not rinsing his milk bottles – then it’s up to us to find yet another bloody way of humiliating him.

“Usually we end up with him upside down in one of the bins, surrounded in rubbish, screaming something about how this would never have happened in the 1950s as he rubs himself with discarded Kraft cheese wrappers. You couldn’t make it up.”

McKay added that they do at least get a generous Christmas tip from Littlejohn, unlike at Polly Toynbee’s house next door where she tells them if they want more money they should negotiate through their union.