Susanna Reid has large doner for breakfast

GOOD Morning Britain presenter Susanna Reid has a doner kebab at 7am every morning, it has been confirmed. 

The star was seen kicking the oily remnants of her breakfast, which was accompanied by six sachets of ketchup and large fistful of chips, under the desk on this morning’s show. 

An insider said: ““She eats a whole doner during the weather, squeezing the contents into her mouth like Popeye with a can of spinach.

“There’s bits of meat all over the floor. We’re starting to get pigeons in.

“I’ve never known anyone so carnivorous. “

Reid said: “Some fucking idiot got me a chicken shish the other day, I was like ‘what the shitting hell is this’?

“In a fast-paced media environment a shish just doesn’t cut it, you’ve got to go doner with all the sauces even if it means getting grease on your script. It’s the bollocks.”