Fox hunting still number one hobby that’s not really a hobby it’s just f**king horrible

FOX Hunting is still the number one hobby for people who need to realise it is not a hobby it is just nasty, it has been confirmed.

As it emerged that fox hunters had blocked badger setts leaving the animals to starve, the whole fox hunting thing is again being looked at like a past time for elderly sociopaths.

Fox hunter Martin Bishop said, “I just don’t see what’s wrong with brutally killing a small animal with a pack of dogs, some horses, a whole big group of us – and we’ve got fucking shotguns too – as being any different to playing darts.

“Obviously, in darts you don’t kill a living creature at the end of it, but we could always have another look at the rules.”

Fellow fox hunter Denys Finch Hatton added, “If I want to ride around on a horse with a shotgun and pack of dogs looking for foxes to kill, why should it be anyone’s business but me and the foxes?”

Professor Henry Brubaker, of the Institute for Studies, said: “If a man can go out and catch a fox with his bare hands and kill it without the fox managing to get his licks in then fair play.

“If he needs a pack of dogs, 40 mates, a load of horses and enough artillery to knock off Fort Knox then it’s really not a fair fight.”