I will never give up, vows dog on 78th attempt to get stick through door

A DOG struggling to get a big stick through a front door will neither leave it outside nor change his strategy, he has confirmed.

Small brown dog Martin Bishop has tried several hundred times to fit the stick into a space that it is clearly much smaller than, with no success.

Bishop said: “My owner was annoying that I picked it up and kept muttering about how I was making him look like a twat during the walk back.

“But nothing makes me happier than taking a massive stick home. Why? I don’t know. It’s like me asking a human why they enjoy pointless things like Bargain Hunt or aftershave.

“I’ve hit a snag because of stick-to-door size ratio but I’m sure if I run at it head on with the stick clamped between my jaws enough times then it will magically pass through a foot of solid brick.

“I’m not giving up. This is the most important thing I’ve ever done.”

Owner Tom Booker said: “Hopefully he’ll just knock himself out cold and all this will be over.”