Woman reaches 10,000 steps at door of chippy

A WOMAN has congratulated herself on hitting her daily goal of 10,000 steps by going on a special excursion to the chip shop. 

Nikki Hollis, aged 35, has been making a concerted effort to live a healthier lifestyle and was concerned she would miss her target until she came up with the brilliant idea of going for a fish supper.

She said: “I just hadn’t done enough steps and it was tearing me apart. My stomach was rumbling with the worry.

“Then I worked out that the chippy is about 600 steps away, and I could kill two birds with one stone. It’s all about efficiency.

“When I hit my target, I realised I’d be doing extra steps on the way home so I could have large chips, curry sauce, saveloy and a full-fat Coke. And a cigarette.

“Being healthy’s easy as long as you plan ahead. Tomorrow I’m going on a 10K run to the pub.”