Sunday, 16th May 2021

Man refuses to accept it is too cold for shorts

A MAN who has insisted on wearing shorts for every day of his UK holiday is refusing to concede that he is cold. 

Nathan Muir has also worn a sunglasses and flip-flops throughout the fortnight’s break in Weymouth, even in heavy rain.

Wife Kelly said: “We’re all in waterproofs. He’s swanning around in cargo shorts and a Miami Beach T-shirt like he’s in the f**king Caribbean.

“I can see him shivering but it seems putting on a pair of jeans would be admitting defeat, as if his pale tuberous legs are going to shame the clouds into going away.

“Give it up, Nathan. You’re not ‘considering a sarong’ to look like 1998-era David Beckham. You’re considering it because you’re freezing.”

Nathan said: “It’s summer, I’m on holiday, therefore the weather is fantastic. It’s just clouded over a bit, that’s all.

“I am not cold at all. In fact I can’t even feel my legs. Who’s up for a paddle?”