Normal-sized rat spotted

A RAT that is ‘the size of a normal rat’ has been sighted.

Office worker Mary Fisher encountered the astonishingly standard rodent while cycling home in Bristol.

She said: “I was going along the canal path when this rat ran out in front of me. The first thing that struck me was that it was not unexpectedly large.

“Unlike all other rats, it was not the size of a cat, terrier or labrador, not it did exhibit signs of extreme bravery, aggression or intelligence.

“If you ate it, it probably wouldn’t even taste of chicken, it’d just taste of rat. It wasn’t even carrying anything weird in its mouth, like a snake for example.

“I think that if I met it in a dark alleyway at night, I’d just be like ‘oh there’s a rat’.”

The sighting follows another recent report from Wales of a rat that was fairly large but not surprisingly so.

Pest control expert Wayne Hayes said: “We could be seeing the evolution of a new species of ‘normal rat’.”