Restaurant with own ‘kitchen garden’ still incredibly expensive

A RESTAURANT growing its own produce in full view of diners is only reminding them vegetables come out of the ground and are basically free. 

The Bell Pepper in Uxbridge is proudly showcasing its farm-to-table concept which only serves to throw the 500 per cent mark-up into sharper relief.

Diner Nathan Muir said: “This starter’s got nettles in. Now that is taking the piss.

“Nine quid for a load of leaves they’ve run under the tap to get the soil off. I could grab a handful of Swiss chard on the way to the loo and do it myself.

“It cost £100. The waiter was proud of the carrots having zero food miles. All I could think of was that they’d made fuck all effort to get to my plate.”

Waiter Stephen Malley said: “Have you seen the size of the kitchen garden? It’s tiny, we get 75 covers a day, and people pour drinks in it.

“We buy all this in.”