‘So it is actually chicken?’ ask KFC customers

LOYAL KFC customers have been intrigued to discover the beige blobs they were eating were actually chicken.

KFC regular Nikki Hollis said: “To me it just tastes of city centre. I had no idea city centre is chicken.

“I always thought The Zinger and The Daddy were sexual positions, because a mate of mine did The Supercharger Twister and put their back out.

“It’s annoying KFC can’t toss some other meat in the fryer. How hard can it be to find ‘other meat,’ I thought everything tasted like chicken?

“There’s always toes and rats turning up in burgers but the point is no-one cares. Just whaz it in the deep fat, add cheese, add spice, we’ll eat it.”

Hollis added: “It makes sense why ‘chicken’ means coward. If you tasted that good you’d be terrified for your life.”