Friday, 23rd April 2021

Adult woman who still gets spots asking what the point of growing up was

A WOMAN is asking herself what the point of becoming an adult was if she still has to put up with disfiguring spots like she did as a teenager.

Lucy Parry, 40, imagined she would grow out of it the moment she reached 20 and is dismayed to still be growing pus-filled pimples two decades later.

Parry said: “It was clear to me that growing up would be rubbish, what with having to do a tedious job five days a week to pay for incredibly boring things like work clothes and gas.

“What kept me going was the fact that by getting older I’d stop waking up every other day with a massive, greasy spot on my face. 

“I’ve been through all the tedium of getting on the property ladder, and the even worse tedium of setting up a pension, and I still get the disgusting yellow ones.  

“Nature has definitely not kept up its side of the bargain as I spend just as long popping zits on the mirror as I did when I was 15. 

“And to add insult to injury, now I have to clean the mirror myself.”