Bomb Doctors Struck Off For Working Saturdays

FOREIGN bomb doctors have brought "disgrace" on their profession by breaching rules on out of hours work, according to the British Medical Association.

One Jeep Cherokee packed with gas to be taken externally before travelling

The new GP contracts restrict the perpetration of terrorist outrages to normal surgery hours, nine until five, Monday to Friday.

Senior medics say the bomb doctors should be struck off for attacking Glasgow airport on a weekend afternoon when they should have been playing golf, or drinking heavily.

Dr Bill McKay, head of the BMA's GP contracts committee, said: "This undermines our negotiating position with the Department of Health."

He added: "Doctors spend many years studying before taking a solemn oath to earn £100,000 a year and play at least 18 holes every Saturday. We do not work at weekends.

"Not only were they not playing golf, they attempted to drive a shabby L-reg Jeep into an airport. Any proper doctor would have used a Range Rover or, at the very least, a BMW X5."

NHS vetting procedures are to be upgraded to cope with the recent influx of foreign bomb doctors.

Currently all new medics arriving from abroad are requested not to murder large numbers of British citizens.

From next April they will be told that mass terrorism is "unprofessional" and will be asked to sign a disclaimer.