Controlled Explosions Linked To Insurance Scam

DOZENS of cars blown-up across the UK in the wake of the failed terror attacks are part of an elaborate insurance scam, the Daily Mash has learned.

Can't shift your old Saab? Ka-boom!

Car owners, unable to sell their old vehicles, are paying up to £50 to have them destroyed in controlled explosions.

The owners then claim the write-off value of the car from their insurance companies who agree to  pay-out because the car has been blown-up.

Wayne Hayes, an insurance expert, said: "Why pay £20 to have it stolen by some bobble-head drug addict who'll then make an arse of it?

"Pay a little bit more and the car will be totally fucked-up by professionals with absolutely impeccable credentials.

"Insurance companies are hardly likely to start poking their noses in at a time like this. It would be unpatriotic."

One explosives official said: "With rising interest rates, the odd cash-in-hand job is very welcome.

"If blowing up a Saab 900 means a nice pair of shoes for my Angela, then I'm happy to oblige.

"And as insurance companies are all complete shits, it's a victimless crime."