Daily Mash Unveils ‘Terror-News’ Logo

Isn't it nice?

THE Daily Mash today joins the premier league of news organisations with the unveiling of its own 'terror-news' logo.

The publishers believe that 'Britain: Shitting It' will become the gold standard for frightening media logos in the UK and beyond.

A Daily Mash spokesman said: "We swiped the picture from Google Images and then buggered about with it using a software programme called 'The Gimp'. It worked like a charm.

"We're still the new kid on the block compared to the BBC or News International so having our own terror logo is a bit of a landmark.

"Like all media outlets we've experienced a surge in traffic over the last few days. There really is  something to be said for living in a constant state of fear. Ker-ching!"

The spokesman added: "Remember, if it doesn't carry the 'Britain: Shitting It' seal of approval, it's not genuine scare-mongering."