Have-a-go hero brings down obese woman in Greggs

A MAN who rugby-tackled an obese woman just as she was reaching the counter of Greggs has been hailed as a hero.

Following the chief medical officer’s warning that obesity could cause more deaths than terrorism, fitness instructor Nathan Muir saw the threat in the Nuneaton bakers and decided there was no time to call police.

He said: “It was like everything went into slow motion.

“I saw the £20 cocked in her hand and knew that, as it was only half-eleven, the shop would be fully stocked with a devastating arsenal of steak bakes.

“Lives were at risk if I didn’t act, and that gave me the energy I needed to burst through the door and bring her down without any thought for my own safety.

“When she recovers from her injuries, I’m sure she’ll thank me.”

Mayor of Nuneaton Susan Traherne said: “I knew Nathan took a tough line against female obesity in nightclubs and on social media, but now he’s shown he can walk the walk.

“If only this country had a few hundred more like him.”

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Petrol set to drop to just 550 per cent of the price of oil

THE price of petrol has plunged to less than six times the price of the oil it comes from for the first time in a decade. 

Oil, which cost almost $150 a barrel back in 2008, has now dropped by 73 per cent to just $40 a barrel, meaning a price cut at the petrol pump of up to 9p a litre.

Motorist Stephen Malley said: “These savings are incredible.

“I’ve literally got an extra £5 to £7.50 in my pocket every week, which makes a significant dent in the spiralling cost of my household energy bills.

“And they say that oil may drop to only $20 a barrel in the near future, which could mean another 1p or even 2p off a litre provided I only buy petrol at supermarkets and never at rural garages or at motorway service stations.”

A spokesman for Royal Dutch Shell said: “Reluctantly, we may be forced to raise prices in order to protect our short-term profit margins, ensuring stability for consumers.

“We anticipate this won’t adversely affect sales because it’s not like anyone has any choice.”