I too have had never-ending bastard of a cold all Christmas, confirms everyone

DELIGHTED colleagues have confirmed that every single one of them has had the horrendous cold that never stops over the whole of Christmas.

The co-workers, who have not seen each other since the week of December 18th when they all had the thing but were convinced they would get over it, were overjoyed to find they had all been ill throughout and indeed still were.

IT manager Joe Turner said: “The one where you keep thinking it’s over, then you wake up coughing about a pint of green mucus? Me too!

“I think it was Christmas Eve I stopped kidding myself I was getting better, when I came out in a fever sweat going around Sainsbury’s. I couldn’t taste my turkey.”

Colleague Carolyn Ryan agreed: “I blew my nose so often the pantomime dame made a joke about it, apparently. I haven’t been able to hear anything since Boxing Day. ‘