Leaving a tiny bit of booze in bottom of glass ‘prevents alcoholism’

NOT completely finishing the alcohol you were drinking proves you do not have a drink problem, Britons believe.

‘Leaving the dregs’ in the bottle of a glass or bottle is thought to prevent alcohol dependency, even if you regularly drink until to the point of initiating a fight.

Sales manager Nikki Hollis said: “I’m proud because his morning there was a half inch of shiraz left in the sixth bottle.

“We always have at least two centimetres of gin, whisky or vodka left, and I don’t think hopeless alcoholics would casually leave a fifth of the revolting aniseed drink we got in Cyprus.

“Leaving small amounts of alcohol proves I can stop drinking whenever I want. Not today, obviously, because you need a few drinks on Wednesday to wind down from the weekend.”

Plumber Roy Hobbs said: “I often leave some of my drink in the pub because I’m usually having such a good time I completely forget to finish my 15th pint.

“I feel sorry for winos who can’t stop drinking, but they could cure them by teaching them to leave a small amount of Special Brew in the can.”

Alcohol specialist Dr Donna Sheridan said: “If you regularly drink until all the alcohol is gone you should seek professional help, or buy a larger bottle so there’s still some left when you go to bed.”