Wednesday, 12th August 2020

Plan to get ripped for summer put off until August

A MAN’S plans to get himself a beach-ready six-pack in time for summer have been postponed until August at the absolute latest. 

Joe Turner, aged 28, still believes he will have a toned torso for summer despite the fact it is already, technically, summer.

Girlfriend Emma Bradford said: “Joe’s planning a soft launch for his body improvement plans in July, which means he’ll leaf through a copy of Men’s Health while trying to remember if he’s already in a gym.

“He claims that his body responds really well to exercise and ‘the core strength is still there’ from a few years ago, but I think his body’s been responding a bit too well to crisps and lager.”

Turner said: “I can’t wait to be absolutely shredded on the beach and have all that body confidence inspiring everyone around me.

“Though it doesn’t look like it’ll clear up this year, so by summer I mean those warm weeks we get in early May meaning realistically I can relax until at least February 2020.”