Brexit goes on holiday

BREXIT is looking forward to flying out for 14 nights all-inclusive at a beach resort in Cuba, it has confirmed. 

The process of the UK leaving the EU confirmed that it has had ‘a frustrating fucking year’ and cannot wait to get away from it all and relax. 

It continued: “You ever have one of those periods where you just work and work and nothing gets done? Like literally nothing? I need this so much right now. 

“White sand instead of white papers, cocktails instead of cock-ups, a pig in sunglasses roasting on a spit instead of David Davis. Heaven. 

“Europe would’ve been cheaper, but bugger Europe. I don’t want everyone on the beach staring at me, going ‘Is that..?’ and ‘Smaller than I thought.’ 

“They’ve never even heard of me in Cuba and they couldn’t care less. Totally anonymous. A couple of Brits might recognise me, but they’re as embarrassed as I am.”

It added: “How can I afford it? I’ve put it all on the credit card. I’m fucking Brexit, mate.”