British holidaymaker convinced locals get everything free

BRITISH holidaymaker Stephen Malley is convinced that he is being charged a special ‘tourist price’ by foreign shops.

Malley, who is staying with his wife near Barcelona, thinks that when he goes to the shop they have a special, higher price that only he is paying.

He said: “They charge me two Euros for a can of San Miguel and even though I have no solid evidence for it, I suspect the guy behind me just gave the shopkeeper a wink and a knowing ‘Hola” before walking out without paying anything.

“Like I say, I’ve got no solid evidence for that but that’s definitely what I could imagine happened.

“It’s the same in the bars and cafes too. I saw someone come in the other day and get a beer and not pay a thing for it. Although I have repeatedly chosen to visit this country there are many things about it that disgust me.”

Malley wife added: “The guy in the bar was staff, so they gave him a free beer. They’re not very British like that.”

Stephen Malley added: “It’s a nice place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live here. It’s got the sun, the architecture and the beautiful people but it just lacks the friendliness of Peterborough.”