Carla Bruni Breaks President Of France

FRENCH president Nicolas Sarkozy has finally been broken by his unbelievably hot wife, it has been confirmed.

Mr Sarkozy was admitted to hospital on Saturday after feeling faint at the thought of seeing the first lady in a silk nightie immediately after his daily five mile run.

An Elyseé Palace spokesman said: "The president is a man of vigour, but you can't start thinking about Carla Bruni when you're already out of breath. You may as well put a gun to your head."

Dr Pierre Dufarge, a leading cardiologist, said: "There is simply no way the human body can spend all day wrestling with domestic and international crises and then be expected not to jump all over Carla Bruni like a rabid dog, or indeed, a Frenchman.

"If she had any sense of decency or fair play she would have married a drug-addled, folk-singing hippy who is barely aware that he is even conscious."

Dr Dufarge has called for Mrs Sarkozy to be housed in a separate building behind three inches of bullet-proof glass and shown to the president for no more than 15 minutes a week.

He added: "They may be allowed physical contact during holidays, but only if there is a highly respected cardiologist in bed with them."

Dr Dufarge added: "I think he has done incredibly well to get this far. Personally I wouldn't have lasted five minutes.

"But I'll tell you what, they would have been the best five minutes of my pathetic little life."

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Your Problems Solved, With Holly Harper

Dear Holly,
I am a 31 year old woman and I haven't yet managed to find that special someone. I used to relish being single when I was in my twenties, but now I am just pathetic and lonely. While my married friends spend their weekends dripping with wholesomeness in the park or leaping around with a beachball at a sickeningly harmonious family picnic, I am to be found alone in my dark, squalid little flat, attempting to lure unsuspecting bachelors inside in the desperate hope of snaring one as a husband forever. When I'm not unsuccessfully tempting random gentlemen with offers of sordid sex over a flowery bedspread, my only other option is to don a pair of Topshop pyjamas from 1995, cover myself in biscuit crumbs, and fiddle with myself on the sofa while watching Pretty Woman. Can you help me find a man?

Dear Karen,
Sometimes my mummy and daddy hate each other. I know this because they say it very loudly when I am trying to watch
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