Genius Trump unveils general theory of pussytivity

DONALD Trump has proved his credentials as a genius by setting out his scientific theory on the subject of ‘pussy’.

After being widely mocked for describing himself as a genius, the US president claimed he had “far better theories” than “assholes like Einstein”.

Trump tweeted: “The amount of pussy you get is directly proportional to how many hotels and casinos you own. I call it the General Theory of Pussytivity.

“A crucial element is whether you’re on TV. Einstein couldn’t get his own reality show so he probably just sat around at home all day jerking off like a loser.”

However scientist Tom Booker said: “There is a major flaw in Trump’s theory, namely that ‘grabbing pussy’ unprompted does not equate to being sexually attractive to women.

“His calculations also fail to take into account the ‘bullshitter coefficient’, whereby people who constantly talk about sex in crude terms usually aren’t getting any.”

Trump is now trying to prove he is better than Mozart by writing a symphony entitled Lock Up That Clinton Bitch in E Minor on a child’s Bontempi organ.