Hungary now known for Rubik’s Cube, goulash and telling refugees to f**k off

HUNGARY has shown there is more to it than cube puzzles by tear-gassing fleeing Syrians.

The Central European country formerly had a relatively low profile, with most people knowing little about it except perhaps that it was the birthplace of puzzle cube inventor Erno Rubik and goulash.

Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban said: “Hungary has long been a relatively obscure country, known mostly for its contribution to the 80s toy market and a soup-stew hybrid with big bits of carrot in it.

“But we wanted to show we can bring it on the world stage when it comes to telling large groups of exhausted humans to fuck off. It’s PR genius.

“When it comes to liberal use of tear gas, we’re up there with the big boys. And now we’ve raised our profile, tourists will be clamouring to come here and taste our delicious veal dishes.

“We promise not to gas them! Hahaha.”