Middle class people launch feeble retaliatory piss-take

PEOPLE whose middle class lifestyles are easy targets for snide humour have attempted to turn the tables.

After years of merciless ribbing, the middle classes have retaliated against taunts about Pilates, pretentiously-named children and poncey food.  

Management consultant Martin Bishop said: “You mock our delicious fresh organic salads, locally-sourced meats and home-made pesto, but ‘Maccie Ds’ is vile unimaginative fodder with loads of hidden sugar and salt.

“It’s funny that you think health is such a laughing matter.”

Bishop’s wife Amanda said: “My daughter may be a precocious viola-playing horror called Lucie, but at least she’s not smoking cigarettes.

“And the way working class people talk is all like ‘They didn’t never have no pizzas at Freezerland’. It is called Freezerland, right?”

Working class person Wayne Hayes said: “Hahaha. Fuck off.”

Martin Bishop replied: “No, I will not ‘fuck off’.”